Stefan Brecht

The Original Theatre of the City of New York: From the Mid-60s to the Mid-70s

Book 5: Theatre as Psychotherapy for Performers

1. Joe Chaikin’s Open Theatre. The Becks’ Living Theatre

2. Richard Schechner’s Performance Group. Andre Gregory’s Mahattan Repertory Company. With Notes on Grotowski and Andre Serban.

Book 6: The Hermetic Theatre of the Performing Director

(Jared Bark. Stuart Sherman. John Zorn. Melvin Andringa. With Appendices on Ann Wilson, Robert Whitman, and Wilford Leach.)

Book 8: Black Theatre and Music

(with notes on the Duo Theatre and M. van Peebles)

Book 9: Dance

(Merce Cunningham, Yvonne Rainer, Meredith Monk, Douglas Dunn. With a note on Ping Chong.)